Eat Street Markets

Eat street is a food market made out of shipping located on Brisbane iconic Hamilton north shore. It has a huge range of food and drink vendors serving all types of food from Thia curries to ice cream cones made out of donuts.

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Eat Street Markets has two stages where dancers and singers from across the globe perform, entertaining patrons as they enjoy their food. There is also an Open Air Cinema which is Eat Street Market’s very own moonlight cinema.

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The precinct contains many seating areas, such as rooms of tables and chairs, food court style seating, bench seating, bar tables, camping chairs. There are five private dining containers which can be hired by patrons for special events or occasions. You can book a dining container online here it costs $75 for 2 hours or $150 for 4.5 hours.

There is also an old house boat available to book for larger groups. It comes with its own butler and cost $290 for 45 people of less for 3 hours or $490 for up to 80 people. The boat contains a lounge area, bar and has a chandelier.

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Being on the Brisbane river eat street also offers the option of a private venue overlook the river. The River Deck is a covered sheltered space over looking the view with city views. Intended for cocktail style function it has a bar and also come with a waiter included in the package. It costs $450 for 45 people and $690 for up to 80 for 3 hours.

To enter eat street there is a charge on $2.50 and that is still the case if you entering for a function. There are two car parks for eat street but both of them can still fill up so you might want to consider taking the citycat to northshore. Eat street is open 4pm till 10pm Friday and Saturday and 11am to 7pm Sunday.


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