Foot Golf Virginia Golf Club

A combination of soccer and golf, the game is played with a soccer ball.  The rules are almost the same as golf with the players kicking a soccer ball rather than hitting a golf ball. It was first launched overseas a few years ago and its popularity is sweeping the globe.

Virginia Golf Club is one of the first golf courses in Queensland to create a Foot Golf course.  The course take approximately 45 mins to complete. You can purchase drinks and food for the clubhouse and take it with you on the course.

Soccer balls can be hired and just turn up in regular soccer clothing but cleats are not allowed. I would also suggest taking insect repellent if you playing in the afternoon cause there can be a lot of mosquito around the course.

It cost $15 for a game with $5 for ball hire. You can bring your own size #5 soccer ball, if you do hire one you will need to put a $20 deposit down that you get back at the end of your game.

Check the booking to find times available, Most days playing times are available between 3pm and 5pm.

Booking Link




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