Coomera Houseboats


Five friends and I went on the Sun Goddess over the long weekend. The Sun Goddess is one of Coomera house boats cheapest large boats it can hold you to 12 people but is probably more comfortable with no more the about 8 people. The boat does not require anyone on board to have a boat licence but it does required the driver is over 18. If you looking to have a big drinking weekend on the boat you’ll need to remember you are required to have someone on the boat under the legal 0.05 Queensland alcohol limit at all times.

You can take to boat to quite a few of the island including north and south Stradbroke, Russell, Kangaroo and Eden Island. These island are mostly unpopulated and it’s quite nice to be able to find areas with not many other people around so close to Brisbane. We did find though there where a lot of boat around being a long weekend and some of the fishing spots where a bit to crowed to be able to fish.

A few things that we learned from our trip:

  1. You want to have the outboard motor on the dinghy, rowing at dinghy is very hard work at the price you pay to hire the outboard motor is well worth it.
  2. Watch out for where you park you boat at night we had a problem on night with other boats coming passed us causing our boat to rock a lot.
  3. Come prepared you don’t want to be going back to the Coomera house boat head quarters to often cause it a 30min boat right down the Coomera river and you won’t get much time to explore if you do.

To find out more you can have a look at Coomera houseboats website it’s quite easy to navigate and has an online booking system




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